Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where have you been!!!!

Hi,..... It's not you......it's me !. I have been having a hoot of a time setting up my new websites. Yes I did say websitesssss ! Not one but two. How crazy am I?

I decided as an artist to promote my work. To have my work available for others to view is important....aside from shows and exhibitions. I decided to set up a website.
Well.... that was a week and a bit ago.
Things are going very well. The set-up was a breeze. Go to http://www.etsy.com/ ,they provide user friendly instructions to set up a website for handmade items. It's really easy. Another site www.finerworks.com is a really great art website for beginners and veterans.

The more time consuming parts are making a banner & avatar. If you don't like doing it yourself there are others you can pay to do it ~ a good option! The other time consuming jobs are taking pics and listing your items but when you are done they look great ( you can't pay someone to do this ~ hmmm... a good business idea!). You can even go to the Forums to chat and ask people what they think. Don't worry~ all are very friendly and supportive.

So check out all of my hard work ~still in progress~. Send a comment and tell me what you think!



Quote~Give yourself rewards for getting through various stages of a project.

Treat yourself to a movie, call a friend, or go for a walk.

Julie Morgenstern

I think I'll go see a movie!


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Oh my... It's Been Almost A Year

Almost a year for what you ask? Since I've started painting... what were you thinking? It has been almost a whole year since my painting career has exploded. If you had asked me last July about painting and having exhibitions I would have told you that you were crazy and you have the wrong person. I have had a great year... and plan on riding the exciting roller coaster where it intends to take me. Sometimes life leads us on the most unexpected paths. Now that I look back I had been wishing for something more fulfilling and my wish came true.

Quote~ Be willing to let anything happen.
~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Friday, August 1, 2008

My First Blog! (a.k.a. Bug Eyes)

My First Blog

Wow... my eyes are buggy from all of the time I just spent staring at the computer. As I write this first blog I feel a sense of accomplishment and exhaustion. I have to say that the Blogspot Blogger program is very user friendly. When I did make mistakes...and I did ( thus the buggy eyes) there were simple explanations to help out. Are there "buggy eye " pictures to include in a blog? As my eyes are focusing I am praying as I spell check that I am spelling Blogger and not Booger . Did I get it right? Can you tell I have a 5 year old at home?

o.k.- Here is the adult content which doesn't get too much more "adult" than this. I look forward to sharing my first year discoveries as a new "professional" artist... my experiences and helpful tips that will hopefully help other "newer than me" artists. I hope that you find this blog useful and maybe a bit entertaining.

Quote - Whether you think you can or can't, you are right!

I think I Can- & I Did!

~ Kerry Grbich~